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Continuous improvement in the human genome must sooner or later lead to the cheap cialis of personalized medicine based on the unique properties of each individual, his penchant for a particular pathology.

It will implement a preventive direction of medical practice where the doctor would be in a position predictor further fate of the individual patient based on the expression of certain genes, for example, cardiovascular or cancer.
The introduction of prenatal genetic diagnosis sooner or later become a routine event. Most likely, at some point it will be order cialis possible incorporation in the human genome using genetic probes to change the predisposition to a particular disease (which is already being implemented in the preclinical studies).

We can only guess whether people like such penetration in their own future.
Perspectives of Clinical Pharmacology and Experimental likely located in an individual area of ​​drug delivery using nanoparticles that make it possible to treat microdoses minimizing side effects and complications. Between cialis dosage pharmaceutical companies develop a fierce struggle for the development of advanced technologies for drug delivery to cells and buy cialis.

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In the near to the effective schemes of cheap cialis treatment will, of course, we found the future of socially dangerous infections such as HIV and hepatitis C. However, the improvement of antibiotic therapy will (and already leading) to the emergence of a new generation of drug-resistant bacteria, the rapid evolution of viruses. Before civilization will be entirely new infectious threats.
The problem of cancer, despite the constant development, is likely to be relevant for at least 100-150 years, but the cialis price mechanisms of carcinogenesis are not disclosed because they are associated with the basic biological factors of life and death at the cellular and subcellular levels. cancer treatment is primarily based on the mass prophylactic examinations with the use of updated lines of tumor markers to detect early stages of disease.
The study of the brain and nervous tissue will reach a new level, providing a fundamentally new opportunities civilization. Neuromodulation and functional neurosurgery brain and spinal cord, is undoubtedly the most interesting section of the practical neyromeditsiny and neurobiology. Using special generic cialis electrodes installed in various parts of the nervous system, it will be possible remote control fine motor and sensory disorders, treatment of pain and spastic syndromes, mental illness. This is the future, but its development is already in the hands of neurosurgeons.
There is a downside to progress - the future people will live longer and therefore more likely to get sick. The question of a new accessible environment for disabled people, creating a biological prostheses will become even more urgent. Huge interest is the development in the field of stem cells, the development of which can be sent by any way, and thus open up the prospects for recovery of the spinal cord after a complete anatomical break the skin after massive burns, etc.
As a surgeon I can not mention the fact that the future of clinical medicine is not for surgery. Even today, all progressive surgery is based on the minimization of access, the application of endoscopic and minimally invasive technologies. The era of bloody and dangerous surgery, surgeons are ironically called "The Battle of Stalingrad", will gradually recede into the past. The use of technology and kiberhirurgii radiosurgery, as well as robotic operations today replaces the surgeon's hand, the operator of a number of specialties.

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A serious medical and social problem will become dementia and Alzheimer's disease: being aware of it, even today scientists are investing tremendous effort to understand their underlying mechanisms. Lengthening life and the preservation of its earlier doomed to death people put in front of doctors and scientists of the future, new clinical and ethical issues; in front of us opened the disease, which is difficult to even imagine.
The obvious consequence of this will, of course, the cialis for sale use of means of active and passive euthanasia and related political, religious and philosophical changes. Euthanasia will become a technological phenomenon. Man can live longer, but not the fact that he wants.
Simplifying communication between people and the progress of communications, as well as an increase in the pace of life, will inevitably lead to changes in the cialis of psychiatric pathology. Depression, obsessive-compulsive neurosis and psychosis schizophreniform will have a great spread and require the introduction of new means of pharmacotherapy. The man of the future will consume drugs for correction mood similar to modern vitamin supplements.

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The increase in the share of expensive and highly effective methods of treatment and prevention of serious diseases will contribute to the social stratification of society. High-tech medicine of the future buy cialis be the medicine for the rich, while the quality of care for the poor will be reduced from one decade to another. This will be a cause of protests and political events, the consequences of which would be difficult to predict.


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Whether the future will become more intelligent doctor and cialis side effects? Undoubtedly. Will the future of people live healthier and happier? Hardly.

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